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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 2, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. it's been a wet, cold, miserable day so far.
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let's see whether there's any relief in howard bernstein's forecast. what do you say, howard? >> not today, andrea. it's going to be tomorrow when things will improve. today just kind of nasty. if there's good news is that we're seeing the steady rains for this morning pull to the eastern shore and away from us. but we've got this cold drizzle falling in many areas that doppler doesn't detect. it's too late. everything is pulling away. the problems we've been having in the the form of icing have been a thousand feet or higher, places like smithsburg up here in maryland. and even parts of skyline drive and the shenandoah national park closed due to icing there. temperatures as you notice in hagerstown run 3-g 3, 34. -- 33, 34. martinsburg 35. we'll watch that carefully but a cold, miserable day. good day to be inside. temperatures pretty steady around the 40-degree mark in d.c. anne stay in the 30s -- many stay in the 30s including parts of d.c. we get much better on wednesday. back with a kinder forecast, gentler forecast in a few minutes. andrea? >> howard, thank you.
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montgomery county police say they're investigating a suspicious death in bethesda. a woman's body was found this morning in an apartment on old georgetown road near white flint mall. no word yet on her identity or the circumstances surrounding her death. gl this is quiet-- >> this is a quiet area of montgomery county. along rockville pike. there's a metro station close by. a lot of shopping and restaurants. not a lot of serious crime. >> we're following this story closely and we'll have new information on our wusa9 app as well as our website and this evening's newscast. a major headache since this morning for drivers on the george washington parkway and it's all because of this. it's a sinkhole. southbound gw parkway is still closed between route 123 and spout run parkway. the ramp from 123 on to the southbound lanes of the parkway also closed. drivers were stuck for hours this morning and it's no better
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going home. repair crews say the parkway won't be open in time for this evening's rush hour. but they are hopeful the problem is fixed in time for tomorrow morning. >> we've had federal highway respond out here today who had assessed the entire both lanes are going to have to be cut out and repaired. those repairs cannot occur until it stops raining and that's when the work will have to start. >> the sinkhole was first discovered after an accident last night. engineers say water is likely the cause of it. the former captain in the italian cruise ship disaster that killed more than two dozen people took the witness stand today for the first time. he told the court he brought the ship close to shore as a treat to passengers as a favor to a crew member before it hit the rocks and capsized. alfonso van marsh has more. >> reporter: the excaptain of the cost came concordia was almost an hour late for his own
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manslaughter trial in florence. he was tense as he arrived. he testified with his face hitten. he told the court he steered the cruise liner close to the tuscan coast in 2012 to treat passengers to a nice view. but the ship went too close. it hit rocks and sank killing 32 people, including two americans. francesco schettino's lawyer says this is a man who always behaved correctly. this was an accident at sea. he faces charges of manslaughter causing a shipwreck and abandoning the 4,000-passenger ship. authorities arrested itself disgraced captain soon after the crash. schettino told investigators he could not help with the rescue because he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. his defense team said no one was killed when the ship smashed into the island. they blamed the deaths on a
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backup generator that 235eu8d and watertight ship comportments that flooded during evacuation. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >> if convicted on all the charges, schettino faces up to 20 years in prison. crews razed the ship a year and a half after it sank. it's now being salvaged for scrap metal. former florida governor jeb bush is thinking about following his father and brother to the white house speaking here in washington. he talked about his own presidential ambitions. >> i'm thinking about running for president and i'll make up my mind in short order, not that far out into the future. i don't know the exact timeline. it's the same decision-making process i've always had which is can i do it in a way -- do i have the skills to do it in a way that tries to lift people's spirits and not get sucked into the vortex. >> during his remarks jeb bush called for a more active foreign policy and said that could be a key theme of the next campaign. the search for a suspect
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behind a deadly shooting spree in west virginia is over. police say the suspect identified at joadzy hunt took his -- jody hunt took his own life outside morgantown last night. before that he went on a deadly shooting speak yesterday killing four people. they believe the shooting was motivated by a failed love affair. in california it wasn't your typical car chase. the stolen car suspect tried to make his getaway on a skateboard after he abandoned those wheels, he took off on foot. then a driver in a red pickup truck got involved and trapped the suspect on a gate until police could get there. >> whoa, who's that guy? >> just instinct, you know, block the guy off, slow him down a little bit. >> at guy in the red pickup is lou pizarro. he stars in a reality show called operation repro. bill cosby is stepping away from his alma mater temple university. he resigned as a trustee of the
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board after 32 years. the philadelphia school was under pressure after more than a dozen women claimed cosby sexually assaulted them. he has not responded to the allegations. president obama has tapped former d.c. police chief charles ramsey to examine how to build public trust with the law enforcement community and effectively promote crime reduction. the move came amid ongoing demonstrations over the grand jury's decision not to bring charges in the police shooting death of michael brown. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters disrupted holiday shopping at this seattle mall a week after a missouri grand jury failed to indict former police officer darren wilson in aebrown's death. in atlanta, attorney general eric holder spoke at ebenezer baptist church why michael luther king, jr. once preached about the white house response, part of which aims at relations between police and citizens. >> we will remain firmly resolved to stand shoulder to
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shoulder with you well into the future. >> reporter: holder was briefly interrupted by demonstrators. >> i ain't mad at you, all right. what we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. >> reporter: in the next few days, holder says the justice department will unveil new federal guidelines designed to end racial profiling. as part of the federal reform, the president has requested funding for 50,000 body cameras to be worn by police and for new training for law enforcement nationwide. >> this is not a problem simply of ferguson, missouri. this is a problem that is national. >> reporter: for now, though, the president's plan does not involve a visit to ferguson. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. toash general-- >> attorney general holder says the just department will announce -- justice department will announce plans in the coming days aimed at ending racial profiling. the annual lighting of the
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capitol christmas tree is set for this evening rain or shine. speaker john boehner will preside over the 5:00 p.m. ceremony which fast place on the west front ever the capitol. this year's tree is an 88-foot white spruce from minnesota. it was harvested october 29 and traveled from minnesota across the country. the capitol christmas tree has been an american tradition since 1964. still ahead on wusa9, a dramatic rescue where a man somehow found himself in an icy iowa river. >> plus, protesters clash with police at a movement against government corruption in mexico gaining ground. those stories and more
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an iowa man is lucky to be alive after an encounter in an icy river. he clung to a piece of ice till rescuers could push a boat across the ice to reach him. one of the rescuers fell into the water during the operation but firefighters were
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eventually able to pull everyone to safety. witnesses say the man actually jumped in the water on his own. protests turned violent in mexico city overnight. as don champion reports, calls for the removal of the country's president are growing louder after the deaths of 43 students. >> reporter: night of violent demonstrations in mexico city, this time masked protesters knocked out windows and set stores and banks on fire. protesters even clashed with police as the movement against government corruption and violence grows in mexico. the protests started weeks ago after 43 students disappeared at the end of september. the students were stopped by police during the trip and turned over to a drug gang which killed them and burned their bodies. protesters have called for the removal of mexico's president citing inaction by government officials. >> i don't understand why these
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strings to happen. >> reporter: in denver -- things have to happen. >> reporter: in denver people held a vigil. many who took part in the candlelight march say the case touches them. >> this is a country suffering because of bad government, a government that is killing their students. it is very painful because they are the future of mexico. >> reporter: at least three people were arrested during protests in mexico city. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> mexico's president introduce add reform package yesterday allowing him to shut down local governments overrun by drug cartels. more than 70 people have been arrested and charged in the deaths of the students. coming up on wusa9, getting the biggest bang out of your holiday buck. we'll be joined by "u.s.a.
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how can you get the best value on big ticket items over the holidays? we have a consumer expert in the house to help you get the best deals. she is regina lewis, consumer reporter. good to you have back here. >> thank you. >> this is the day after cyber monday and black friday and all of that kind of stuff. deals have got to be out there. >> absolutely. i think you're going to see it. after a lackluster weekend. retailers are pulling out all the stops till super saturday which is the saturday before christmas. it's as good a time as ever to buy. i would start with the big ticket items. >> what are the big ticket items? refrigerators, stoves? >> electronics, big screen tvs end up being big sellers, tablets, laptops. understand the overall costs because they're only as good as the speed you're putting them
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on and the content. i speak with a lot of people who are buying these for their kids. a lot of people are family with comcast. i said are you ready to absorb all these gadget gifts in your house or do you think your network will slow down? three out of ten say, that's a good question. it's like having toys with the wrong batteries. it's a bummer so it's a good thing to think about now and have a strategy in place so your big ticket items and big gifts aren't big busts. >> you're sounding like we need to do a little research and planning. when we see all of these ads in the paper and on television, we want to jump. so you're telling me i've got to be a little patient? >> i think you need to be patient and understand the total cost. because you can have the most beautiful shiny gadget but if you can't log on and you can't log on same tabluously at home and you haven't factored in the content you're going to put on it and the cost of that and people tend to double buy. so they'll get the brand new tv, take it out of the box and
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start signing up for all of these subscriptions. you own cable television. go to their library. why are you buying dvds? people don't think about it. we've all done it with music because of itunes. we just need to do it for tvs as well. >> when we go out looking for our tablets, there are always rebate. is that something else we need to remember to save money? >> sure. take advantage of rebates. certainly also compare prices and if you're replacing gadgets, sell them because the value of a gadget only goes down over time. so sites like gazelle, you can get an instant quote and send back your old one. someone -- there's a big secondary market for hand me down gadgets and used gadgets. >> one key tip you want people to take away from this as we get toward the end of the holiday season? >> you have to stick with a list. most people have a budget so at this point if you shopped over the holidays, resist the urge to shop twice just because
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you're inundated with special offers. you'll regret it in january. >> good advice. let's go to howard for those who are venturing out to a mall in this ugly weather. ugly is the word for it at least in most cases it's just wet and not icy. that's not the case up in pennsylvania and a few other areas near the pennsylvania border. this morning's rain moving away. look at this back here in kentucky and west virginia and ohio. another batch of moisture. that's going to be arriving here late afternoon, early evening. so we have some more wet weather to go through. here's doppler. most of the rain is on the eastern shore and southern maryland. there's been some drizzle and a light shower coming out of the springfield area coming from alexandria, tracking toward the airport, reagan national, just going to flip downtown in eastern sections of the district more so than northwest. north and west far enough in toward east and west virginia, northern maryland. we're seeing some areas of a thousand feet or so that have been see something slight icing. just a little bit of shower activity south of hagerstown.
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might have a sleet pellet mixed in but most of the sleet is gone at this point. there are the light showers coming out of the northern neck from dahlgren and colonial beach in toward st. mary's, calvert county on their way toward easton and cambridge a. dreary looking sky. cloudy. temperatures aren't going to budge much. only 40 or so give or take a couple of degrees. with more rain this evening before drying out late tonight and as we dry out, we're also going to warm up. temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s. you know yesterday we hit 70 in washington. we had areas in the low 70s at this hour. -- low 30s at this hour so a lot colder. the north, northeast wind keeping the cold air in place. atlanta 169. -- is 69. it's 32 in pittsburgh. we've got the cold in place. now we're looking at the futurecast which has the moisture pulling away. as we get into the late afternoon, here comes that second batch. there still could be some pockets of freezing rain or sleet. smt cold spots out in western maryland, west virginia, pennsylvania.
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we'll see the rain overspread the region for the evening rush hour. keep that in mind if you're traveling out at 4:00, 5:00. this pulls out tonight leaving us with, yes, some sunshine on wednesday. a few clouds, too, but a much warmer day tomorrow. swhee have highs well -- we should have highs well into the 50s, if not flirting with 60. another cool shot comes in on thursday. yellow alert day. wintry mix well northwest. most areas not seeing that just a cold, crowdie rain, if you will, 40. tonight -- krudy rain, if you will, 40. tonight a slim chance of a shower. tomorrow dry. over the weekend we'll have a couple of showers, too. not sure which day will be wetter than the other. looks like a chance for both saturday and sunday, highs in the low 50s and monday 54. we've got more wusa9 news at noon coming up
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it is better to give than to receive. today is the official day to do it. giving tuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back after black friday and cyber monday. it was started in 2012 by the united nations foundation. about 20,000 nonprofits have signed on. in new york the star headliner at a world aids day concert couldn't make the show. bon know of you 2 was laid up because of a -- u2 was laid up because of a bicycle accident. but his fill-ins were anything but second rate. >> reporter: it was a surprise meeting of superstars.
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chris martin. ♪ >> reporter: and bruce springsteen stepping in for an injured bon know at world aids day concert in new york city. they called it u2 minus one. >> we'll send this out to bon know. >> reporter: truly a rock lover's dream. all to support the aids charity red which bon know cofounded in 2006. >> your most visible spokesperson and one of the cofounders of red bon know who is injured can't perform. was there ever a moment where you thought maybe the concert wouldn't happen? >> we were so lucky that chris martin and bruce springsteen were able to step in. >> reporter: not exactly -- [ inaudible ] >> definitely not. >> reporter: u2, springsteen and chris martin weren't the only headliners that brought the crowd to times square.
12:27 pm
>> the reigning queen of country carey underwood -- carrie underwood. ♪ >> reporter: and there was one act everyone felt was definitely worth braving the cold and the rain. who are you guys most excited to see tonight? >> kanye west. >> conyay west. >> came -- kanye west. >> reporter: organizers of the concert are especially excited about this year's event because they say it marks a true turning point in the global fight against aids. >> an aids friegen ration is actually -- aids free generation is within our grasp. more people are put on life saving treatment than are newly diagnosed but we can't let our foot off the pedal. >> former president bill clinton opened the times square concert last night at the request of bon know. a bike accident left him with
12:28 pm
put cal injure -- left bon know with multiple injuries but he is expected to make a full recovery. that's
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